The Executive Branch

Students will learn about the executive branch, including the unique role and powers of the president and the function of executive departments and agencies. They will explore key facets of foreign policy and the president’s role in it.

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Branches of Power
Play Time: 30+ mins
Learn to control all three branches of the U.S. government!

Nationbuilder in Chief

Starting a brand new nation was a tough job for America’s first presidents—and it didn’t help that many Americans were wary of the new central government. In this lesson, students learn about some of the decisions and actions the first presidential administrations took to make sure the United States would be strong enough to last.

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For The President, All In A Day's Work

Students learn the primary responsibilities of the president and how those duties connect to the powers the Constitution grants to the Executive Branch. Students also learn about the types of issues the Executive Branch deals with and which federal agencies handle them.

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Being President

Ever wondered what it would be like to be President of the United States? Find out what the president does every day, who the president's helpers are, and how the president's job affects your life.

Supreme Court Nominations

This lesson teaches the fundamentals of Supreme Court Justice nominations and helps students understand the politics behind the nominations. It challenges students to cut through the politics and compare nominees’ judicial philosophies and includes an optional extension for students to research and analyze the controversial nominations and confirmation processes of Robert Bork, Harriet Miers, Clarence Thomas, and Merrick Garland.

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A Very Big Branch

In A Very Big Branch, students learn that there's more to the executive branch than just the president! Students learn how the executive departments and agencies regulate and enforce governmental policies, and they explore the roles and responsibilities of the presidential cabinet.  

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Executive Roles: Money Doesn't Grow on Trees?

Students learn the role of the executive branch in creating and carrying out laws.  Through role-play, the class models the legislative and execution processes as they create a new coin in order to learn how the executive and legislative branches work together. They follow the new coin from its inception as an idea in the executive branch to its creation at the U.S. Mint.

Foreign Policy: War & Peace and Everything In Between

Students learn what foreign policy means. First, they learn the distinction between foreign and domestic policy. Then they find out what role the executive branch plays in foreign policy and the primary tools it uses: foreign aid, the military, and treaties. In addition, students learn how foreign policy power is shared with the legislative branch.

Executive Command
Play Time: 30+ mins
Being the president is no easy task. Are you up to the challenge?

Executive Command Extension Pack

Make your students’ game play more meaningful by using our activity and assessment set designed specifically for Executive Command. This easy-to-use Extension Pack helps you give context and purpose to the game, as well as reinforce and assess the game concepts. That means deeper learning for students, and best practices around game-centered learning for you!  Extension Packs require PowerPoint and are designed for use with projectors or interactive whiteboards.

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